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Exclusive video of an invisible man who wanders into a house..
A "Light circle" shaped alien face in Sicily
       (Thank's Katia Platino)

Every wednsday evening from 22 on Trasmission dedicated to the mysteries with special guests, interviews and striking exclusive, valuable revelations & amusement.
Radio Lupo Solitario
Lead: Charly Guerrero & Sam Pizzuto - Directed by:  Ale B & Gas - Photography: Aless. Perani


Chiara CattaneoExpatiate on the great contribution of the italian astronomer Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli to Astronomy, We will hear from the mouth of one who is looking at the sky if you have never seen flying saucers from a certain Astronomical Observatory of Varese...    

7/4/2010 - ALLUNAGGIO  (dott.ssa Chiara Cattaneo dell'Oss. Astr. Schiaparelli di Varese) - Parte I
7/4/2010 - ALLUNAGGIO  (dott.ssa Chiara Cattaneo dell'Oss. Astr. Schiaparelli di Varese) - Parte II

Vinicio De BortoliFrom this comes the mistery guest in a effective and permanent in our program. Imagine that a great scientist is able to contact alien intelligences value and gain from this valuable information to buils useful interface for mind control...would you believe? Yet, if you try to look at this site and following our interview, this might seem possible!
8/12/2010 - LA SCIENZA E GLI ALIENI (prof. Vinicio De Bortoli - Mindball)

Rosario Marcian˛A "bud" mistery is discovered with this guest. Who poisoned the air in our skies? And why do It? What to enter certain aircrafts in the air without our knowledge? After listening to this subject you can not do without this our host's blog.
Guarda qui i numerosi video che documentano "le scie chimiche".

2/2/2011 - LE SCIE CHIMICHE (Rosario Marcian˛ di Tanker-enemy) - Parte I
2/2/2011 - LE SCIE CHIMICHE (Rosario Marcian˛ di Tanker-enemy) - Parte II
2/2/2011 - LE SCIE CHIMICHE (Rosario Marcian˛ di Tanker-enemy) - Parte III

Paolo FranceschettiAnd then talking about old sories of bloodsucking vampires, we are faced with a mistery in the mistery! Those who still bleeding victims by passing these heinous crimes for common crimes? Why do It? And if the current episodes (Anna Franzoni, Sara Scazzi, Meredith Kercher, Sara Gambirasio...) have a precise explanation?... Our guest has risked his life many times to tell us uncomfortable truths (see the blog for more).
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 9/2/2011 - I VAMPIRI (dott.Paolo Franceschetti)

Renucio BoscoloHow can one not be curious to peer into the future by interpreting and down the centuries of  Sigismondo Fanti o Nostradamus? And what about a certain father Pellegrino Ernetti who saw the future with a mysterious device he invented? The greatest experts in this field will give us an exclusive pearl of prophecy, including one that relates our radio! We will see...

16/2/2011 - LE PROFEZIE DI NOSTRADAMUS (prof. Renucio Boscolo) - Parte I
16/2/2011 - LE PROFEZIE DI NOSTRADAMUS (prof. Renucio Boscolo) - Parte II
16/2/2011 - LE PROFEZIE DI NOSTRADAMUS (prof. Renucio Boscolo) - Part III

Paolo BaroniNever heard of "subliminal messages"? You do not, but they have certainly heard of you, and they try to implant it strange and obscure posts in the mind...Find out what they are and where they hide with the help of this guest, to learn more visit his site here.

2/3/2011 - I MESSAGGI SUBLIMINALI (Paolo Baroni del Centro Culturale San Giorgio) - Parte I
2/3/2011 - I MESSAGGI SUBLIMINALI (Paolo Baroni del Centro Culturale San Giorgio) - Parte II

Piero MagalettiAddressing  the atrocities of Nazism, including a mistery and the other, you may discover that Hitler had built flying saucers, and you may also run into a very promising young writer who discovered the new novel of the Pyramids of Egypt. Listen for yourself!

9/3/2011 - HITLER ESOTERICO (Piero Magaletti) - Parte I
9/3/2011 - HITLER ESOTERICO (Piero Magaletti) - Parte II

Claudio Mauri Emilio SpedicatoEven the fascist period seems to consist of dozens of mysteries. Even heard of "ships of Mussolini"? The "Death ray"? By some mysterious experiment Guglielmo Marconi? What was the Gabinetto RS-33?

16/3/2011 - IL FASCISMO MISTERIOSO (Claudio Mauri ed il prof. Emilio Spedicato)

Giampaolo GiulianiMaurizio Armanetti Franco OrtolaniRomano CamassiStudying a man unknown to most, Raffaele Bendandi, you can know that earthqiakes are predictable and their causes identified. But if so, why does people die in Italy and around the world the earthquakes? Listen carefully and get ready for 2012! To follow earthquakes in real time site: (USGS)

(dott. Giampaolo Giuliani, Armanetti Maurizio, prof. Franco Ortolani, dott. Romano Camassi)
Part I    -    Part II    -    Part III    -    Part IV

Barbara FraleSifting among old parchments and writings in the Vatican library, some have made progress in the study of the Knights Templar and their mysteries such as the Shroud, the holy Grail, the Templars Baphomet... And if they still existed?

30-03-2011 - I TEMPLARI (dott.ssa Barbara Frale)

Claudio BossiAnd how can you not be fascinated by the story of the sinking of the Titanic? If you tell us about is the foremost expert on then... The Titanic will prove to be a source of mysteries. Discover them with us or visit prof. Claudio Bossi's site: here.

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  6-04-2011 - L'AFFONDAMENTO DEL TITANIC (prof. Claudio Bossi)

Alfredo BenniYou enter this interview with the infinite mystery of the mysterious flying saucers and their occupants. As always, naked and with Alfredo Benni, one of the leading experts in the field (computer coordinator C.U.N.), will reveal that only a radio news like ours can offer. It the first of a series of interviews related to the UFO phenomenon.

14-04-2011 - I DISCHI VOLANTI (dott. Alfredo Benni)

Mauro Moretti Federico BelliniThe subconscious for years some people give us information on the crazy world of aliens. Dr. Mauro Moretti of C.I.M.P. (Centre Medical Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine) in Genoa, a pioneer of regressive hypnosis tell us about the case while the alleged Zanfretta, and the abducted Federico Bellini scare us by bringing into the world of those abducted by aliens (Read his his blog here). None of what I feel is normal in this interview, if you let go of emotional...

27-04-2011 - I RAPIMENTI ALIENI (dott. Mauro Moretti - Federico Bellini)

Maurizio BaiataNow is the time to talk with the director an writer Maurizio Baiata about contact between humans and aliens. What are these? What messages and lessons they have left? We will discover pleasant anecdotes about key figures in ufology as Baiata because he interviewed them in the past and known personally. Here is the blog.

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  04-05-2011 - I CONTATTISTI (Maurizio Baiata)

Pino MorelliIf the above mentioned issues are not expected because the M.I.B. is only an expert in the field came down to talk it. With Pino Morelli other background explains the world of ufology.

10-05-2011 - I M.I.B. (Pino Morelli)

Paolo ToselliThe opinion of a writer and Ufo researcher on the now very well known prestigious Philadelphia Experiment. What happened that tragic august 12, 1943? What are the SHC also known as spontaneous combustion? Two apparently separate mysteries that may have a common cause...what?

18-05-2011 - PHILADELFIA EXPERIMENT (Paolo Toselli)

Silvano FusoOne of the oldest mysteries of the world is here discussed and seen in a perspective less mysterious with the help of expert C.I.C.A.P., Silvano Fuso. But Is it all so simple? We can go back to peaceful sleep or...
Don't miss also the special greeting to Mike Bongiorno that his birthday was just on this thursday.

26-05-2011 - I FANTASMI E GLI SPETTRI (Silvano Fuso)

Lorenzo RossiAnd with this expert, that the whole world envies us, we enter the world of Cryptozoology. Know myths and legends from all over of all animals and hominids strangest, and find that there are very few legends and a lot of reality!

01-06-2011 - LA CRIPTOZOOLOGIA Part I (Lorenzo Rossi)
01-06-2011 - LA CRIPTOZOOLOGIA Part II (Lorenzo Rossi)
01-06-2011 - LA CRIPTOZOOLOGIA Part III (Lorenzo Rossi)
01-06-2011 - LA CRIPTOZOOLOGIA Part IV (Lorenzo Rossi)

SEASON 2 (2011-2012)

Claudio BossiChiara CattaneoLorenzo RossiPaolo BaroniPaolo FranceschettiRosario Marcian˛Pino Morelli

General summary and update interdisciplinary view of the new season of "Towards 2012".
21/09/2011 - Riepilogo

Marina PozzatoThis episode focuses on the life and the mysteries of King Arthur is a must see, one of the most hilarious! Dedicated to all those who don't take themselves too seriously, and the advice that the sensory Marina dispensation are to be followed carefully.

28/09/2011 - Marina Pozzato - Re Art¨, il Graal e la spada nella roccia

Stefano CampanellaGiuseppe LilloThis is an intense review of the mysteries of the life of a special man who was Padre Pio, and Teleradiopadrepio's director tell us. Mr. Lillo seems rather receive personal messagges from the Saint...

05/10/2011 - Stefano Campanella e Giuseppe Lillo - Il miracoloso Padre Pio

Giorgio PastoreLet them lead by Giorgio Pastore in the wonderful underground world of Agartha. Through the experience of his books will find out everything there is to know about the underground world. Don't even imagine how many people searched for It and...found It!...

12/10/2011 - Giorgio Pastore - I mondi sotterranei Part I
12/10/2011 - Giorgio Pastore - I mondi sotterranei Part II
12/10/2011 - Giorgio Pastore - I mondi sotterranei Part III

Katia PlatinoPremonitions, predictions, deja-vu, a world with an eye to the future and the other in the present. What are the "Light Circles"? Let's talk with Katia Platinum, founder of the group "Alien Presence Research".

26/10/2011 - Katia Platino - Le premonizioni

Emilio ZandarinWe follow the fascinating history of the Swiss contactee Eduard Albert "Billy" Meier meeting the people of the Pleiades. The head of FIGU (Free community of interests in science frontier sciences and spiritual studies UFO) in Italy, Emilio  Zandarin tell us faithfully.

09/11/2011 - Emilio Zandarin - Meier, contatto con le Pleiadi
Part I  -  Part II  -  Part III

Maurizio Armanetti Luigi Garlaschelli After 20 years of opposing positions, the entrepreneur of the Luni Ricerche Srl Armanetti and C.I.C.A.P.'s chemical Garlaschelli are compared in this interview without sparing himself. The results are not yet available because the challenge is still open, but in the meantime, listen to what they tell...

23/11/2011 - Maurizio Armanetti e Luigi Garlaschelli - La rabdomanzia

Manuel MensÓMarina PozzatoLord ImperiusThe fascinating and dangerous world beyond. What lies in the intangible dimension? An exceptional artist and amazing psychic we will explain, he warns us against the dangers faced by "amateurs". In support, we thanks also the sensory Marina and Lord Imperius for the work they have completed and extended the argument. THIS EPISODE IS NOT RECCOMENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER 18 AND IS NOT RECCOMENDED TO TAKE THA PATH OF MEDIUMISTIC EXPERIMENTS WITHOUT DOCTOR AND AN EXPERT AT YOUR SIDE!

02/11/2011 - Manuel MensÓ, Marina Pozzato e Lord Imperius - La medianitÓ

Claudio BossiAlessandro GianniNicola SanitateThird dramatic episode of sinking. After Titanic and l'Andrea Doria, here is the Costa Concordia. The story seems to have learned nothing, and some days has implications mysterious...

18/01/2012 - Claudio Bossi, Alessandro Gianni, Nicola Sanitate - Il mistero dei tre affondamenti
Part I  -  Part II  -  Part III  -  Part IV  -  Part V

Maurizio ArmanettiCurrently he's perhaps the most gifted in Italy. Armanetti talks about the miraculous potential of dowsing providing data unthinkable. His efficient certified company has received prestigious goals.

06/02/2012 - Maurizio Armanetti - La rabdomanzia

Giuliano BertelliThis host has a large archive of UFO investigations and issues attached. Let's see what we know about this frightening phenomenon. And in Italy? Yes, unfortunately...

12/02/2012 - Giuliano Bertelli - Le mutilazioni animali

Riccarda BonafedeWant to know something more about yourself? Listen to our "navigated" atrologer who will donate knowledge pills.

29/02/2012 - Riccarda Bonafede - L'astrologia (Work in progress)

Festa delle donneDedicated to women as they themselves are the ultimate mystery exists, the unfathomable! Light and funny episode not only for the fairer sex.

07/03/2012 - Il mistero delle donne Part I
07/03/2012 - Il mistero delle donne Part II
07/03/2012 - Il mistero delle donne Part IV

Giovanna P.A woman abducted by aliens several times warned us on the internet. Beware! At year end a devasting solar storm could...listen and think!

11/04/2012 - XXXX - Tempesta solare (Work in progress)

William Facchinetti KerdudoUrban legends are many and are made to be discredited. Let us help with the expert, the editorial director William Facchinetti Kerdudo. The remarkable performance of the young "Two dirty bodies," the commitment of the Movimento 5 Stelle and lots of laughter.

06/06/2012 - William Facchinetti Kerdudo - Le leggende metropolitane
Part I  -  Part II  -  Part III  -  Part IV  -  Part V

SEASON 3 (2012-2013)

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